Scott Morris has been installing strut supports systems for 30+ years and designing for the past 15 years.  He began working with his father’s company, Harold W. Hamilton, Inc. as a residential carpenter and subcontractor for the Unistrut Corporation where they handled their healthcare medical support installations. Upon Jim Morris’s retirement, Scott Morris chose to work as a division of JTC Contracting and work directly for general contractors, providing design and installation of medical support systems.  In early 2008 SGM was formed by Scott and Gina Morris so that all aspects of the business would be directly controlled by them.

SGM Contracting carries on the same tradition of service and quality that our customers have come to expect. Our crew has worked together to provide superior workmanship in the healthcare industry for many years and their dedication to service and quality is apparent.  You will be sure to recognize them from their many years of working in the field.
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